Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! However other languages will be in our default font. 

It takes 5-15 days to produce. Also, click here to view our shipping rates.

All of our jewelry pieces are long-lasting and of high quality! However, it is recommended to avoid consistent contact with water they are water resistant, but not waterproof. Therefore, we do recommend to remove when showering and exercising. 

Our name necklaces are gold plated 304 Stainless Steel! They're 100% Lead, Nickel, and Cadmium free and have a long fading resistance!

Given our jewelry is made of 304 stainless steel, it is resistant to tarnishing, scratches, corrosion and general signs of ageing; The chromium in it forms an invisible protective layer that prevents rusting, tarnishing, or changing colours. 

If you still want to be extra safe, avoid the jewelry being in constant contact with water. Moisture is the main factor that speeds up the tarnishing process!

I do not make these pieces by hand! I partner with a great supply chain that does.

We offer warranty for up to a year; So if your chain breaks, fades in color, or you’re unhappy with it (over long term use) feel free to reach out and we can offer a replacement, discount or store credit!


Due to our products' nature, all sales are final, and we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges at this time. 

Yes we offer free international shipping!

For more information on our shipping rates click here 

Sometimes apartments, condos, trailers and other addresses are not easily found by our mail carriers or have missing information: If you see this notification please email us as soon as possible and we can help you!

If you haven’t received the tracking information but your order says “shipped” don’t worry your order is on the move! With free shipping our tracking numbers aren’t always updated right away due to high order volumes however if you contact us we can likely give you an estimated delivery period!


Please feel free to contact us via email or website chat for more information.


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